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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Thirst - For those who feel me

Its been ages since my last post
I just dont realise the time that passed
dragging me along
the long winding road
that is endless

This wound seem never to heal
at times there are so much anger
at times there are so much pity
at times there are so much tears
and those tears
will lighten the feeling
for a time being

There are not so many things that I want
in life now
but that not so many, are all important
so much so that sometime
thinking about it will draw tears

Ahh why life has to be so complicated
when it is suppose to be easy
but I am sure high above the rainbow
behind the moody sky
the sun still shines
and the rain will fall
and I will be right here
waiting for its ray
to caress my soul
waiting for its drop
to quench my thirst


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