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Monday, June 29, 2009

Money money money

Wow!!!Monday came and went like noone's was like there were no Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...We have to run really fast to catch up wiv our life...sometime I felt like I am a mouse being chased by a cat...Imagine how fast I would run........Was it just me, or everybody else felt the same.

Today, it was all about money, money and more money went out of the pocket. My sons' car got problem with clutch and gear box, there went RM1,300.00. Hubby's car?? I dunno wat da problem was, more money and my car? I just spent RM300 past couple of days on both windows and yesterday, got a puncture and realized all four tyres needed there went another RM800.00....well 2k gone today just for the 3 cars.......Well, we've got to do wat we've got to is not everything...but doesnt everything needs money???Phewwww

Then after school, kids dragged me to the book/stationery shop....more money....then off to tuition, another RM200 for the fees( end of da month) and off to supermarket, again money money money. Wat about music school and the rest???mmmm If only we can plant the money tree and can just go and pluck the money from it, would it be heaven??or would it be hell??? I guess sometime it will be heaven and other time it will be hell...hehehe

Mmmmm I do miss someone whom I adore, who always provide me with a save haven for me to come to when I am feeling blue, or when I am not myself.....My dear, if you read this, thank you for being the plain, sweet and nice unto you and blessings abound.

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