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Monday, October 12, 2009

Long Road

Saturday....what a day, my day spoilt for some reason and Angel you knew why....but I did go to my brother's house, missed the engagement party though....and when I reached there, most people left already, so I decided to spend the nite there in KKB.

Sunday morning, my kids, myself and a few others went to PJ to attend another open house at my eldest sister's place....more food, more

Decided to go back a lillte early, coz my dad doesnt want to drive at night, and neither do I, cant stand the glare...hubby supposed to drive my dad's car and I drive mine, but daddy insisted of driving boy wanted to be in my dad's car.....reaching the PJ toll on the way back home, we lost my dad...cant see his car behind, waited and waited...nope...not a sign of him so I rung my boy and was told that my dad took to the left instead of going straight... Omigoshhh.... they were on their way to Selayang..mmmm

After much phone direction, he still cant find his way out, and we cant make the U turn on the hightway...what a mess I said...luckily my boy was wiv my dad and my was getting dark, and when I spoke to my dad, he said he cant see well at night. So I did what I had to do. Rung my policeman brother and asked him to locate where my dad was and go get him...

LUCKILY he was also on his way in the same direction but much behind and he then located my dad and drove his car (my sister in law drove my brother's car..hehehe) to where we were waiting.

Then I took the wheel of my car from hubby and he took the wheel of my dad.....and.....voila...
at last we were safely home.....thank God....


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