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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The wait

I was at the hospital this morning, oh no...nothing to do with me. Took my kids for the follow up appointment with paed. I havent been to the hospital for the last six months coz, I missed the last appointment in May.

OMG!! thats the word that came to my mouth when I reached the entrance to the Specialist Clinic. Where are all these people came from??? I have never seen so many people at the hospital before, but today??? its like there was a fiesta going on. Has the world turned into a planet of sick people??? Then I said to myself, mmmm just get ready for a long wait.

After quite a while waiting at last number 0255 were called to the registration counter.....un huh!! this is only the first wait, I have to get the appointment logged on to the computer and pay the fees before I can go to the department concern. That will be another wait...thats why I equipped myself wiv a book.

When you are at the hospital, then only you realize how lucky you are compared to those who are really sick.....the nagging headache is not a big deal anymore....the stomach cramp becomes like a soft poke on the tummy....

Gosh!!! now I can understand (not that I dont before)...but it sank in me that all those doctors must be working like a machine. No wonder my neice who is a doctor has to work 36 hours stretch every so often. Well they have to, with all those people who are sick and needed treatment.

But I thanked God, eventhough the hospital were jammed with people, I salute the workers and the staffs, my time at the hospital lasted roughly 3 hours and a half. Thats nothing really if you are at the government hospital.

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