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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

was it u??

Together as one we can be for as long as you want to be, not being able to tell where one end and the other begins. That is how close I want to be with you and into you. To know your thoughts before you speak as you know me as well. I don't want to be your world, I just want to be in your world to take care of all your needs, emotional, physical, mental and maybe..just maybe take your breath away every fleeting moment....So who am I to you...I want to be your friend, your lover, your strength, your comfort, your moon star and sun, your rain on a sunny day and your sun on a rainy day. I want to be your cover that covers you like your skin, I want to be your rhythm and your vibration. Who am I....the perfect one for you.....
so long........time to share is always there
I peered thru life
Ever avoiding strife
But now am undone
My barriers broken
For one has found me
Reached in and unbound me
His love has burst my bonds
And set music to my songs
His need for me
And mine for him
Has made my Winter Spring
A new start
With hammering heart
We color the world with our dream
Nothing is as it did seem
The darkness of my solitude is done
He - my rising sun.

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