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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The world is in my hand.

Yesterday after sending the food to my kids at school, I wondered around a couple of mobile phone retails. Thought of getting a second phone. Nowdays living wiv one phone is like so left behind...hahahaha.....(or is it becoz of some other reasons??? wink) So I was thinking of getting a cheap fon wiv camera and bluetooth without the memory stick....(Ive already got a phone wiv all that) just in case......ya just in case....and I was thinking of spending around 300 quid. I left the first shop coz the staff so so so dont know how to talk. I went to the other fon retailer. Tell this one girl who came and asked me what I was looking for. Wow!!! this girl yap and yap and yap about the fon with her friend and in the end I ended up spending 1500 quid for a second fon. Hahahaha.....that is what I called a darn good sales person.

So I got my new gadget....wiv all the latest stuff. I can go on the internet wivout bringing my laptop. I wont ever get lost if I wanna go somewhere, I wont get a speed trap fine for going over the limit...bla bla bla. Modern life wiv wifi and other gadget that is awesome. Wiv a memory stick of 8gig (maybe later I change to 16 gig) I can watch download movie in my fon...hehehe
watelse do I need???

I dont want my man to know that I bought the fon, but when he called me, and I told him I was at the fon shop...he came to join me....before he left he asked me, do you want me to sign for this fon???? I said well, I dont mind, if u wanna sign ur card for my new gadget...but then I was a bit late to tell him YES he waited a few more minutes then asked me, do you have the money wiv you???? and damnnnn I said yes I have....(I have to learn to tell a white lie in future....hahaha) so in the end, I paid for the fon myself. If am smart enuff, I wud have save 1500 quid for me and the

So now, am still playing wiv my new gadget to get to know it better, so that I wont have problem when I want to use it. Funny kids straight away know what to do wiv it, and they are only 8 and 10...Damnn!!!!kids!!!So now just leave me wiv this incredible small thing....let me play wiv it until I get bored...hahaha

The world is in my hand.


Yot | is | Yati said...

ape brand?

nursoleil said...

xyah le beritau...yangtu kita punya secret