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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Model

Here I am laughing through out the session....hahahahahahaha
You wont believe it what I did on my first day of fasting. I went for a make over, well I got it for free for spending some amount of monies at eCosway last July. So there I was, being make over. I left it entirely to him to do my face and my hair.
He is a freelancer in make up business, he is a nice guy but very very soft. Even when he sits, his movement is softer than the other make up lady. Well...what do you expect ermmmm???
When he's done with his part, he sent me to the other guy. The photographer. OMG I was asked to turn like this, turn like that, pose like this and post like that....etc etc I was a model for a short while with all the lightings and the crews...........not bad feeling at all....but I kept on laughing. Couldnt help
Then the editing and the touch up bit by using photoshop element software, it's just incredible what they can do with a pc and a software......mmmmmmmmmmmmm
More editing and touch up....
And more
And at the end of the session, after 2 hours or more, the end product came out of the printer and VOILA!!!!.....I am back to when I was before......20 years old except prettier this

Ermmmmmmmm not bad at all..........What a day!!!


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