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Monday, August 17, 2009

Soleil's Cafe...Anyone For Coffee???

Actually I have so many things to say to someone but my tongue at the moment kinda tied so I let it flowed wiv da time. I know that the angel is always there and looking over me so I let him do his job. God is great.

I felt sorry sometime that I became too teary over things and I would like to thank you Angel for bringing sunshine to my morning and painting some colours to my sunset. I always knew that there are people out there who are sweet and nice and not only thinking of themselves. I thank you for so glad that I found you a diamond amongst the stones along my life journey.

So I let everything took its own path without any steering. And today someone commented on my pic in Tagged that there are sadness in my eyes...and when I checked, I was surprised how true this someone was. Well they say, eyes cannot lie. WasI sad?

Today I dont let myself be bothered by anything silly. I kept myself busy with my new cafe and I managed to arrange things as I planned and am almost there. Soleil's Cafe hopefully will start operation after Eid.

Anyone for coffee??? Welcome to Soleil's Cafe!!! The drink is on me.



sushalina said...

lawo weh. tengahari kang kakde datang.

Anonymous said...

tahniah weii buka dah cafenyaaa...muahasss