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Monday, August 3, 2009

Muscle Man

Last nite I went to watch a body building competition, where all the men flexed their muscle to be crowned the title of MR SO n SO.....they went by weight category...well obviously you cant find a fat body builder...just a well build body builder.
There they were in the centre of attraction showing their body and flexing their glistening muscle.....or is it gleaming muscle like gleaming merc??? covered wiv some oil( wonder what kind of oil they use, coz their body was so tanned and their face so white).I gathered that the oil will make their muscle look more ________ (really dont know what term should I use, maybe if I join the club, I will probably know what word to describe those oiled muscle look like..hahahaha)

Look at that!!!! do I want a man to have that kind of bulky muscle??? Look at those massive thigh...If we women possess a thigh like that, what will man label us??? I used to hear a comment that went something like...."Gosh, look at the size of that butt and thigh...must have loads of SHIT in it"...hahahaha. Men do make nasty comments. But when they have one as such??? ermmmmmmmmm its gorgeous...for me, it reminded me of KFC drumstick...

And there they were turning and flexing and I left the competition without knowing who was crowned as the winner.
Nahhhh, I dont like my man to have such a body. They portray such a massive power but with a very small fuse. Who really want a small lunchbox??....hahahahahaha. Slap me on the face now for being sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean and nasty....Yunno I'm bad, I'm bad.......
Whos's BAD????????

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Dinding Cantik said...

hi, eh kat mana u tengok competition nih? siap ade penampilan istimewa sazali samat lagi..