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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Moment In Time ( The Tears)

Whatever the problem is, the solution is love.

When we miss someone, sometime our feeling will overflow and we will be flooded wiv a very strong feeling of lost....and we tend to forget everything in that moment in time.....we tend to forget something....that actually ALL IS WELL.....

"Don't u hear my voice in your head with my words?

"Don't u feel my love surround u, even though u don't see me?

"Don't u touch the most important part of spirit, my heart?

"Doesn't that transcends all boundaries?

"And u know i am here......all you have to do is think of me....."

And yeahh....we forget to think all that when we are feeling so lost and lonely......
And love wherever it comes from..........always look the same...


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