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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Green and Blue (specially dedicated to you, my sweet writer)

(You and I have missed each other the last few days, you on I off, I on you off, you here I there,I there you here, you up I down, you down I up.....)

The sky is blue and the grass is green,
and we are the only two in between.

You are to the left and I to the right,
when I turn around you were not in sight.

I ran to the left and I saw you on the right,
I called to you again but you were out of sight.

We passed each other by going too fast,
could not stop on the slippery wet grass.

When I turned around again I bumped into the back of you,
finally we are here face to face and in view.
So here we are, I and you,

I am sorry I missed you which is hard to do
since we are the only two
in between green and blue


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