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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Night Sky

Last night I walked out of the house, feeling somewhat lost and lonely and looked up into the night sky, counting the stars. The one that I counted M is how much you missed me and the one left uncounted for is how much I missed you. The cloudless canopy was filled with an endless display of stars and left me feeling grateful and in awe.

Who knows or cares how it all got there.The fact that we are here and a part of that awesomeness of the universe. I felt uplifted and at peace after a few moments of counting and gazing upward at the night sky.

I think we could all do the same and save a fortune on therapists if we just went out every evening and looked up at the sky. And just think what it would be like if people in the psychiatric wards and those in prison cells viewed the night sky every evening. Maybe they would be changed and healed by the exposure to the unexplainedable beauty.

I think!!!!


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